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Selection Advice

Selecting a program that is right for you is key to having a positive experience while abroad.  To make an informed choice, you are encouraged to consider the following:

Type of Program

Are you the type of person who seeks independent adventure or are you more comfortable traveling with others? UWM offers two types of education abroad programs: study abroad programs and exchange programs.  Most, but not all, study abroad programs are taught by UWM faculty and take place during the summer or Winterim terms.  UWM exchange programs are restricted to UWM students and are one-on-one exchanges with partner universities around the world that offer full immersion in the cultural and academic setting.  Students on exchanges pay UWM tuition plus a program fee that includes CISI health insurance.

Important note: Individuals receiving tutition-based scholarships should consult with CIE before applying for an exchange program. Advice for idividuals receiving veteran's benefits.


Where do you want to study?  In what kind of culture and environment do you wish to live? What region of the world is of interest to you?  Europe? Latin America? Asia? Would you prefer living in a large city or a small town?


Are you more interested in improving your language skills and learning about a different culture or taking classes that will satisfy your degree requirements? Is there a limit for your major on how many transfer credits you can earn?  Is the program sponsored by UWM or is it one in which you will receive transfer credits?

Degree of Classroom Immersion

Do you prefer to take classes with host-country students and is your language proficiency sufficient to do so?  Would you like to mix your course load and have some courses in English and some in a host country language?

Length of Stay

Do you have any obligations that limit the length of time that you stay abroad? Work? Family? What makes more sense in terms of your existing life commitments, a short-term program (6 weeks or less) or a semester or academic-year program?

Program Emphasis

What is your academic area of interest? Are you interested in doing an internship while abroad?


Do you want to live with a local family or would you rather live in an apartment or in a dormitory?


What is the cost of living in your desired location?  Will you need financial aid or other funding to afford your preferred program?  Will financial aid apply to your program?