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Pre-Departure Orientation

The UW-system requires that all students receive orientation training prior to beginning their international education experience. In these orientations, you learn about:

  • Pre-departure administrative details
  • Registration, transcript processing and academic expectations
  • Health and safety issues
  • Culture shock
  • Travel tips

You have two options for completing this requirement:

In-Person General Orientation
CIE conducts two general orientation sessions each year, one in the spring for summer and fall departures and one in the fall for UWinteriM and spring departures:


Online General Orientation
The online general orientation is offered as an alternative for students living out of the Milwaukee area or those that cannot attend the in-person general orientation. It is a self-directed study of the student handbook in which a quiz is accessed through your application page and must be successfully completed. You must score 92 percent or better on the quiz.

Site-Specific Orientation

In addition to a general orientation, a site-specific orientation will be arranged for your program, at which a CIE staff member and/or your program's faculty leader will share additional information about your program and how to prepare to ensure a safe and successful experience. Generally, a student who previously studied in your program location attends as well. Hearing from a returned study abroad student is a great way to learn what you can expect from your experience.

Study Abroad Student Handbook

The Study Abroad Student Handbook contains information that is useful for students, family, and friends before and during their time abroad.  Please review this information carefully prior to confirmation and departure.  This information will be referenced in both the general and on-line orientations.