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Application Information

UWM Programs

The CIE Study Abroad Office is now using a new web-based application system for students applying to go on short-term faculty-led programs and long-term (semester and academic year) programs. If you are interested in one of these types of programs, the following link will take you to the program search page. To apply for a program, click on the "Apply Now" button at the top of the program brochure page.

To return to the CIE Study Abroad homepage from within the application system, go to

Non-UWM Programs

If you are unable to find a UWM study abroad or exchange program that fits your needs, you may apply for a non-UWM program.  This involves applying for the program with its sponsor AND applying through the CIE Study Abroad Office. 


Global Studies Internships

Global Studies students who are planning to do an internship (separate from a study abroad semester) must register with the CIE Study Abroad office.  This application process is in addition to and separate from their individual search for an internship.  Students must complete the CIE application process by the appropriate deadline regardless of their status in the internship search process.

  • March 1--Fall or Academic Year Internship
  • March 15--Summer Internship
  • October 1--Spring Internship
  • October 15--WinteriM Internship

To apply for a Global Studies Internship, click on the following link.

Independent Internship, Study, or Research Registration

UWM students planning for-credit (tuition-generating) or UWM-funded internships, study, or research abroad must register with the study abroad office.