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General Information

We hope that you are enjoying your program abroad! Below are many links to information that may be helpful to you before and/or during your study abroad.

General Information

Travel Guides

  • The Rough Guides: On-line travel guides for student and budget travelers.
  • The Lonely Planet Guides: On-line travel guides for student and budget travelers.
  • Let's Go Guides: On-line travel guides for student and budget travelers.
  • Allows you to select a type of experience abroad (travel, volunteer, study, etc.) and a country you are going to and produces a customized on-line travel guide based on these criteria.
  • Kasbah: A country-by-country searchable database including travel tips and cultural, accommodation, and transportation information.

Finding Places to Stay

  • Hostels.Com: An on-line guide to using youth hostels. Provides a general overview of what youth hostels are and a searchable database of youth hostels around the world. Also has links to on-line travel stores for rail passes, backpacks, and guidebooks.
  • Hostelling International: International hostelling organization membership information.
  • Hostel World.
  • Backpack Europe on a Budget: An on-line guide to budget traveling in Europe. Provides information on packing, choosing a good pack or suitcase, where to stay, keeping in touch, and guidebook reviews.


  • Cybercafe Search Engine: A searchable database of internet cafes and email kiosks around the world.
  • Information on calling to and from host countries
  • PicCell Wireless: Cell phone service for students and travelers abroad. Before acquiring a cell phone for use abroad, be sure to shop around for the best deal for your study site location.  Pay-as-you-go service is typical outside the United States, which usually includes free incoming calls. For special discount information, please click here.

Electrical Adapter Information

Country/Region-specific Information