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Global Studies: Global Communications

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies/Global Communications track focuses on the relevance of language, culture, and identity in understanding innovations in and applications of technology, media, communications, information science and technology transfer. Students acquire technical competencies as well as a broader understanding of technology’s impact on human lives.

The courses students may take allow them to prepare for careers in diverse fields, such as marketing, international business, advertising, information technology, new media, and translation.

Global Communications track core courses focus on:

  • issues in intercultural communication, communication technologies, and information systems

  • the role that language plays in establishing community and identity

  • the global role of technology in expediting changes in writing, communication and cultural transformation

  • how changes in language and technology emerge within globalized systems of mass media and representation

  • international information disparities, i.e. the digital divide

All degrees are conferred by the College of Letters and Science. Students in the Global Communications track who complete at least 21 credits of elective courses offered through the School of Information Studies (SOIS) will be awarded the Global Studies degree jointly by the College of Letters and Science and the School of Information Studies.