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Global Studies Course Syllabi

Global 101: People and Politics

Global 201: Economics and the Environment

Global 202: Globalization and Information Technology

Global 299: Ad Hoc

  • Jordt, Ingrid - Social Movements and the Internet 

Global 311: Contexts for Global Management

Global 321: The Global City in History

Global 351: Language, Media, and Social Practice in Global Communications

Global 361: Environment and Sustainability

Global 362: System Failure: Globalization and Language Extinction

Global 371: Rethinking Global Security

Global 442: Humanitarianism in Global Perspective

Global 443: Medicine and Pharmaceauticals in the Global Age

Global 447: The Global Politics of Human Rights

Global 448: Intellectual Property in the Global Information Economy

Global 451: Access, Security, and Intercultural Context of Global Communications

Global 461: The Politics and Policy of Sustainabilit

Global 471: Strategies for Realizing Security in Global Contexts

Global 499: Ad Hoc

Global 500: Global Management Capstone-Global Strategy

Global 541: Cross-Cultural Management

Global 551: Global Communications Capstone-Future Trends

Global 561: Global Sustainability Capstone-Preparing for Sustainable Peacebuilding and Social Change

Global 571: Global Security Capstone-Future Trends

Global 190/290/390/490: Think Tank Learning Community