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What is Global Studies?

The Bachelor’s Degree program in Global Studies at UW-Milwaukee prepares students to excel as members of the global generation. As our society becomes ever more interconnected with other parts of the world and more aware of the impact of global trends and processes which have long influenced our lives this program seeks to give degree students the academic preparation to confront future challenges and to take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

Global Studies at UW-Milwaukee is based on a philosophy of experiential learning. We believe that studying abroad, mastering a foreign language, learning about globalization, and exploring career prospects do not have to be discrete endeavors; in fact, students are best served when all of these elements support each other.

Combining the strengths of a liberal-arts foundation and pre-professional training, the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies offers a rigorous program with latitude to accommodate a wide range of individual interests and needs.

Global Studies at UW-Milwaukee is part of the emerging field of Global Studies, which recognizes that many issues and trends relevant to our present and future go beyond analyses focused on the nation-state. Whether one wants to understand the jurisdiction of the WTO, or the implications of the spread of HIV-AIDS, or how the Internet has transformed social and commercial networks, it is necessary to transcend an international framework and adopt a global perspective.

Global Studies at UW-Milwaukee is committed to building a campus-wide community of scholars and students with shared interests in global issues. The program embraces interdisciplinarity, drawing upon coursework across disciplinary lines and linking the resources of the College of Letters & Science with those of the University’s professional schools. Through faculty development grants, the program enhances Global Studies research and encourages the integration of global content into curricula throughout the campus. Other objectives of Global Studies initiatives are to strengthen the resource base of online learning objects and to expand the holdings related to Global Studies in the collections of the UW-Milwaukee Libraries.

While the program provides a strong foundation for pursuing careers with an international dimension, a graduate with the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies would be an asset to any company or organization seeking someone with advanced foreign-language skills, international experience, and a sophisticated understanding of the problems and promises that globalization presents.