UWM Center for Industrial Mathematics

Dedicated to excellence in industrial and interdisciplinary research and education.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Mathematical Sciences offers opportunities for students to enter the exciting field of industrial mathematics through the Master's and Ph.D. Degrees in Industrial Mathematics. An active group of faculty members of the Department are engaged in a variety of industrial and interdisciplinary research activities, and graduate students participate in research as early as possible.

Research of the UWM Center for Industrial Mathematics is unique in its practical orientation. Unlike traditional applied mathematics programs, we emphasize a broad education within mathematics, coursework outside the department and students gaining real world experience by solving mathematical problems w ith an industrial or interdisciplinary source. Working in areas such as actuarial science, biomathematics, computational mathematics, control theory, electromagnetics, financial mathematics, inverse problems, mathematical modeling, mathematical optimization, probability, signal and image processing, statistics, and stochastic analysis, UWM partners with corporate and government groups to solve their technical problems.

Please inquire to the director regarding opportunities for stipends as teaching or research assistants.