CIPD staff will meet with UWM instructors and faculty members upon request for a private consultation about teaching and/or individual course design. All meetings and materials are confidential, formative, and developmental, not part of university faculty review processes. In an individual consultation, CIPD staff members offer collegial support informed by research on learning and teaching. We will not tell you how to teach, but we will ask questions and explore possibilities so that you can meet your own teaching and learning goals. Consultations typically focus on areas such as: 

• assessing and enhancing a current course

• creating a new course or revising an existing course, assignment, or syllabus

• understanding and measuring what students are learning • exploring new pedagogical techniques or different approaches to class or course design

• interpreting comments and numerical results from Student Evaluation of Teaching forms.

Consultations will be tailored to meet the goals of individual instructor or faculty member, using one or a combination of approaches:

Individual Conversation
An individual consultation usually includes a focused conversation about a particular class, teaching technique, or student learning. You can request an individual consultation, or read more about this practice.

Mid-semester Course Evaluation
CIPD can also provide a structured approach to gathering midterm feedback from students. The process involves setting aside a portion of class time to allow a consultant to gather student feedback while you are not present. The consultant then summarizes the group feedback, meets with you privately to analyze it and discuss how you might respond. You can request a mid-semester course evaluation, or read more about this practice.

Classroom Observation
CIPD also offers the option to schedule a consultant to observe your classroom teaching. We will work with you to identify particular aspects of your class you wish us to pay attention to. After the visit, we will discuss with you what we observed and work with you to develop strategies for further experimentation and refinement. You can request a classroom observation, or read more about this practice.

Faculty and teaching academic staff members can arrange to have a class session videotaped through CIPD. This service allows you to examine specific pedagogical strategies. You will receive a digital copy of the taped class session. We recommend that you review the taped session with a CIPD staff member. Please note: videotaping is for your improvement only and is not provided as part of a résumé or job application. You can request a video-taping session, or read more about this practice.

Department/School and College Consultations
CIPD staff are available to consult with departments, schools and colleges on a variety of teaching and learning issues. We can meet with your committees, participate in scheduled retreats, meetings, or special events, or design a workshop on a particular topic of interest to your faculty. Contact the CIPD Director if you would like assistance from CIPD staff in program or course assessment, course design, or pedagogy. You can request a session, or read more about this practice.