Individual Consultations

Faculty and Teaching Academic Staff

The Director and Assistant Director provide one-on-one consultation with faculty and teaching academic staff on a variety of teaching and learning concerns. We view consultations as confidential and do not release the names of anyone who seeks to improve their teaching or the purpose of the consultation. You can call our office to arrange an appointment. Typical topics for a confidential consultation may include:

Course syllabi, Learning Goals, Assessment, Active Learning Techniques, Discussion, Small group work, Case Studies, Learning theory models, Learning Styles, Large classes, Class participation, SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning), Qualitative research methods (computer software NVivo) . . .

Graduate Teaching Assistants

CIPD offers consultations to both individuals and departments in order to ensure the graduate experience is a successful one. CIPD offers resources that can improve professional development and pedagogical skills of graduate students. 

Click here to request a consultation.