Faculty & Academic Staff

CIPD offers unique workshops each semester, some designed for Faculty and Academic Staff, and others for Graduate TAs. This spring, CIPD will offer a book discussion series.  Faculty workshops will focus on researched principles and practical strategies using the well-received book, Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty (2009). Throughout the semester, participants will explore chapters in multiple sessions and explore tips and techniques for engaging students.  In addition, the "Designing Your Own Course" series helps instructors create or significantly revise a course for an upcoming semester using the Learner-centered Course Design booklet with examples of each course design component and begin using the seven-part design process. Finally, participants in the "Small Group Learning" series will explore small group strategies and examples.

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Graduate TAs & PAs

This spring will offer two workshops for Graduate TAs professional development and a series of hands-on workshops exploring assessment. In "Developing Your Statement of Teaching Philosophy," we will look at some samples and proceed through a sequence of writing and discussion activities designed to help participants identify what is of value in their own teaching and how that is represented in concrete activities in the classroom. In "Creating a Teaching Portfolio," participants will explore the elements needed in a teaching portfolio, offer strategies for developing a portfolio that represents a learner-focused instructor, and explore several on-line services and tools for maintaining a portfolio through graduation and beyond. Finally, in "Exploring Assessment," we will explore and discuss the ways in which the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) VALUE Rubrics can be employed both for the assessment of student work and for fostering conversations with students in which we describe the value and trajectory of their work in a shared language.

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