Faculty & Academic Staff Workshops

Designing Your Own Course

This two-part intensive workshop, Designing Your Own Course, will help instructors create or significantly revise a course for an upcoming semester. This workshop will guide you in developing course learning outcomes, assignments, grading schemes, rubrics, low stakes assessment, active learning strategies, and a well-designed syllabus. Participants will receive the Learner-centered Course Design booklet with examples of each course design component. The result of this in-depth workshop will be greater intentionality and transparency in your design for learning and increased confidence that your course components are connected and coherent.

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Active Learning Classrooms: Breakout Groups and Group Projects

UWM is in the process of constructing five active learning classrooms in the Northwest Quadrant that incorporate flexible furniture, grouped seating, advanced technology and a commitment to interactive learning. Using these spaces effectively implies rethinking a traditionally designed course in order to support increased student responsibility for their learning and a reliance on collaboration. However, perhaps no other pedagogical strategy elicits more complaints than group work. How can you ensure collaboration rather than piecemeal work? How can you encourage integrating and synthesizing information as well as thinking critically together? Participants will receive a booklet of small group strategies. Bring a course syllabus and a specific assignment and begin constructing an effective semester long small group assignment using five core principles. Future NWQ instructors are strongly encouraged to attend.

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Rubrics: Maximize the Benefits of Rubrics in Four Steps

This is the first in a series of one-hour workshops designed to improve student learning with one specific tool. A rubric can lead to disappointing results if not effectively crafted. Craft one rubric based on an actual assignment from your course and gain peer feedback in an hour!

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