Information Ethics Fellow Program

The Information Ethics Fellows Program was initiated in 2006 to highlight prominent scholars in the information ethics field, and to promote innovative research in IE. The Fellows generally spend time in residence at the CIPR, contributing to its Colloquia and Occasional Paper series, and lecturing in SOIS courses. Fellows receive a stipend and access to the CIPR Resource Center, and engage in collaborative work with CIPR Faculty Associates.

2009-10 Fellows:

Rafael Capurro, Annette Markham, Nancy Kranich, Kay Matheson, and David Bollier

2008-09 Fellows:

Rafael Capurro, Dennis Ocholla, Nancy Kranich, Annette Markham, and Jeremy Hunsinger

The 2006-07 Fellows include Dr. Charles Ess, who focused on east-west perspectives on information and computer ethics, and Dr. Toni Samek, who presented her work on information work and human rights worldwide. 

The CIPR's research agenda revolves around social, ethical, economic, legal, and technical aspects of information and information technologies with a focus on such key information policy issues as intellectual property (copyright, patents, etc.), privacy, equity of access to information, ethics of information use and service, censorship, cyberlaw, and government, corporate, and international information policies. 

The CIPR reflects the mission and philosophy of the School of Information Studies: Information, our focus; interdisciplinary, our mindset; and international, our scope.

All CIPR lectures are archived at on iTunes U