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Research and Teaching Awards

In order to promote good scholarship and to recognize the accomplishments of our members, the Executive Committee of the NCCLA voted in 1984 to institute a program of annual cash awards for work in three areas of scholarship. The amounts of these awards are subject to annual approval by the Executive Committee; it is expected that prizes will be awarded every year in all categories where materials have been submitted for presentation at the conference except when compelling reasons can be shown for not doing so. Only conference participants are eligible to submit materials for consideration.

Every effort will be made by the Awards Committee to announce the winners of awards at the annual meeting. Those individuals who want their work considered should submit it to the Awards Committee (via the Program Chair) by September 1, 2015 as an email (Word) attachment or in .rtf format.

The following awards are available:

The Raquel Kersten Professional Research Award
A $200 award may be given for a research work dealing with Latin American Studies in any relevant academic area. Papers will be judged first, as to their contribution to new knowledge of Latin America, secondly, on the thoroughness and appropriateness of research and methodology, and thirdly, on the style or form of presentation. Papers may be submitted in English, Spanish, or Portuguese and must be unpublished when submitted.

The Andrew Kirchmeier Teaching Award
A $200 award may be given for an effort in the field of teaching Latin American Studies. This effort can entail the development of audio-visual materials, curriculum materials, theoretical or practical papers, or any other project designed to improve the teaching of Latin American Studies. Projects may be directed towards the primary, secondary or university level, or for the education of the general public.

Student Research Award
A $200 award may be given to a research paper submitted by a student currently enrolled at an institution of higher education. Papers will be judged on the same basis as the professional research awards.