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Call for Nominations (2013-14)

North Central Council of Latin Americanists

Online nominations for officers to serve during the 2013-2014 term, which begins at the annual fall meeting, will be sent to Jodie Parys (UW–Whitewater), NCCLA Nominations Chair. The current 2012-2013 officers are listed below:

2012-2013 NCCLA Executive Committee

President Benjamin Narvaez, University of Minnesota–Morris (MN)
Vice President/President Elect     Leon Narvaez, St. Olaf College (MN)
Secretary/Treasurer Christine Hippert, UW–La Crosse (WI)
Program Chair Shane Boeder, Marian University (WI)
Communications and Membership       Jonathan Hagood, Hope College (MI)
Nominations Chair Jodie Parys, UW–Whitewater (WI)

I nominate the following members for office in the NCCLA for the 2013-14 term:

NCCLA Nomination Form (2013-14)

         Vice President/President Elect: 
                          Program Chair: 
        Communications/Membership Chair: 
                      Nominations Chair: 

Please submit your nominations by September 13, 2013. Thank you.