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Occasional/Discussion Paper Series

Recent papers are $4.00 per copy; pre-1991 papers are $2.00.

Please note: most documents presented here are in PDF format. They may be viewed and printed with Acrobat Reader.

We request that any reference to Occasional/Discussion Papers listed below include proper citations/acknowledgements.

Dosh, Paul and Julia Smith "Neoliberalism and City Hall in Lima and Mexico City: Comparing Mayors Ebrard, Mancera and VillarĂ¡n" (Occasional Paper #98), September 2014. (pdf - 301k)

Fernández, Manuel "Cuba 'Underground': Los Aldeanos, Cuban Hip-Hop and Youth Culture" (Occasional Paper #97), January 2011. (pdf - 118kb)

Schulenburg, Chris "Hijacking the Machine: Ricardo Piglia's Reconceptualization of the Argentine Intellectual in La ciudad ausente" (Occasional Paper #96), June 2009. (pdf - 79k)

Todd, Molly "Organizing Flight: The Roots and Moral Economy of the Salvadoran Guinda System" (Occasional Paper #95), June 2007. (pdf - 154k)

Hershberg, Eric and Moreno-Brid, Juan Carlos "Keys to Latin America's Insecurities: Economic Development and State Strengthening" (Occasional Paper #94), May 2005. (pdf - 63k)

Breining, Daniel "El chicano gay, su identidad y su literatura" (Occasional Paper #93), November 2002. (pdf - 48k)

Rodríguez-Luis, Julio "Book Exports from Spain and France to Latin America in the Nineteenth Century" (Occasional Paper #92), September 2002. (pdf - 167k)

Brodwin, Paul "Marginality and Cultural Intimacy in a Transnational Haitian Community" (Occasional Paper #91), October 2001. (pdf - 85k)

Brodwin, Paul "Pentecostalism and the Production of Community in the Haitian Diaspora" (Discussion Paper #90), January 2000. (pdf - 83k)

Auchter, Craig "The Democratic Problematic and the Surprising Case of Nicaragua" (Discussion Paper #89), February 1996. (pdf - 106k)

Grahn, Lance "Political Corruption and Reform in Cartagena Province, 1700-1740" (Discussion Paper #88), February 1995. (pdf - 55k)

Romero, Rolando J. "Texts, Pre-Texts, Con-Texts: Gonzalo Guerrero in the Chronicles of Indies" (Discussion Paper #87), January 1992.

Charney, Paul "Holding Together the Indian Family During Colonial Times in the Lima Valley, Peru" (Discussion Paper #86), October 1991.

Halperín Donghi, Tulio "The Buenos Aires Landed Class and the Shape of Politics in Argentina, 1820-1930" (Discussion Paper #85), January 1991. (pdf - 85k)

Aguilu de Murphy, Raquel "Proceso transformacional del personaje del amo en Concierto Barroco" (Discussion Paper #84), August 1990.

Bitar, Sergio "Chile: The Legacy of Dictatorship and the Construction of Democracy" (Discussion Paper #83), April 1990.

Greenfield, Sidney M. "Pilgrimage, Therapy, and the Relationship Between Healing and Imagination" (Discussion Paper #82), July 1989.

Drogus, Carol Ann "We are Women Making History: Political Mobilization in São Paulo's CEBs" (Discussion Paper #81), November 1988. (pdf - 82k)

Clements, Benedict J. "State Enterprise and its Impact on Employment and Income Distribution: An Evaluation of the Brazilian Case" (Discussion Paper #80), October 1988.

Cavalcanti Filho, Hilquias B. "State and Society in Brazil during the Military Years (1964-1984): A Test Case for Modernization and Dependency Theories' Assessment of the State's Role in Development" (Discussion Paper #79), October 1988.

Knowlton, Robert J. "The Early Influence of The United States Constitution in the Western Hemisphere: The Cases of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and Bolivar's Ideas" (Discussion Paper #78), March 1988. (pdf - 47k)

González-Pérez, Armando "Social Protest and Literary Merit in Huasipungo and El mundo es ancho y ajeno" (Discussion Paper #77), August 1987. (pdf - 100k)

Aguilu de Murphy, Raquel "La pasion segun Antigona Perez: Dramatizacion de una realidad hispanoamericana" (Discussion Paper #76), August 1987.

Davis, Robert H. "One Hundred Years of Solitude: The Novel as Introduction to Colombian/Latin American Social History" (Discussion Paper #75), June 1987.

Assardo, M. Roberto "El Nahual como tema en el folklore y la literatura de Mexico" (Discussion Paper #74), March 1986.

Laughlin, Margaret A. "An Emerging Institution: The University for Peace in Costa Rica" (Discussion Paper #73), August 1985.

Kurtz, Donald V. "A Model for the Legitimation of Early States: The Aztecs Revisited" (Discussion Paper #72), May 1985.

Fishel, John T. "Return to the Barracks: The Decision of the Peruvian Armed Forces to Withdraw from Government" (Discussion Paper #71), February 1985.

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