Tropical Ecology in Panama

Classroom Curriculum for Teachers and Students

For Students

Do you like learning about new and interesting plants and animals?

Can you imagine how many amazing creatures live in the tropical forests of Panama?

If you search this website, you will find things that are surprising and fun to learn about. The tropical forest of Panama is home to many different species of life. From leafcutter ants on the forest floor to howler monkeys in the tree tops, there is an entirely new world for us to explore together!

What is it like to stand in a jungle where the tree trunks are the size of monster truck tires?

What do you think it is like to be a scientist working in the forest?

Check out the photo albums page to see what the tropical forest and its animals really look like. After that, go to the video library page to learn about what scientists study in the forests of Panama. Make sure that you share all of the cool things you find with your friends, family and teachers!