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2/26/09 CMS upgrade update
Read the latest CMS v5 upgrade update.
Previous upgrade info
CMS implementation project update as of 8/5/08.
Early adopters roundtable podcast
Download an audio recording of the event (.mp3, 10.2MB, 59 min)
Design Guidelines
Download a design guidelines manual that will help you format your CMS templates, write for the web, select images, etc.
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UWM's CMS will revolutionize the way campus and personal Web sites are created and maintained.

The CMS v5 upgrade is scheduled for Sun, Mar 15 from 2:00 am to 6:00 am.

Information on timeline, testing and open sessions is available in the 2/26/09 CMS upgrade update.

What's new/different in CommonSpot 5?

Get ready for CMS

With UWM's content management system set to launch this summer, it's not too early to begin planning for your site's migration to the CMS. While the CMS is designed to make managing web content easy, the initial migration of content into the CMS requires careful thought and planning. Learn more about what you can do to prepare.

When will UWM's CMS be available to use?

Campus-wide availability of the CMS will be offered shortly after a successful upgrade of the production environment. Stay tuned to this site for updates regarding the upgrade process. More more information, please see the latest cms upgrade information update page.

How will I get access?

When the CMS becomes available for campus-wide use, a form will be available on this website to request access to the system. When a request is received, UITS Web Development staff will work with your department to schedule a CMS Orientation meeting. The purpose of the orientation meeting to answer questions about the system, discuss templates, re-design plans, access levels, roles, permissions, training, support, and more. Access to the CMS will be given after the orientation meeting.

What is UWM's CMS?

UWM now has a campus-wide content management system (CMS) giving those who manage school, college, unit, organization and personal Web sites an easier way to create Web sites and update Web content.

A content management system is a set of web-based software tools that provide an easy way to manage a Web site and keep it current and robust.

There are many features of UWM's CMS:

  • Content updating with a non-technical application
  • Workflow processes giving individuals rights to edit, review and/or publish based on their role and authority
  • Templates and style sheets
  • Ability to repurpose content by "tagging" it for use in multiple Web page locations

Existing Web sites can be migrated into UWM's CMS; and new sites can be built using the system.

Why use UWM's CMS?

Whether you're using UWM's CMS to maintain a site with 5 pages or 500, using a CMS provides many benefits:

  • Ability to update content without technical knowledge
  • Consistency in content presentation
  • Ability to manage versions of the content (version control)
  • Capability to have Web content updated by those who know the material
  • Control over editing and publishing of content
  • Ability to repurpose content across a large site or multiple sites

Use of UWM's CMS is not required. But ease of updating and managing Web content, combined with the opportunity to repurpose content, will be a strong motivator for adoption of the system.

Last modified on February 18, 2009