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Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility adherence is not only required federal regulation (section 508) for some Web sites, but also provides many additional benefits, such as faster loading pages and pages that rank higher in search engines. The follwing is a list of reccomendations for content authors and web developers to follow when updating or creating web pages.

Content Authors

  • Use meaningful page titles
  • Use descriptive link text (do no use "click here")
  • Divide up large chunks of information
  • Use simple, easy language
  • Assign ALT descriptions/tags to images
  • Use headings and sub-headings

Web Developers

  • Provide a site map
  • Use CSS for layout
  • Display text through HTML, not images
  • Use descriptive form labels
  • Use consistent navigation
  • Avoid screen flickering and movement
  • No unannounced pop-ups
  • Make transcripts available for audio
  • Make sure your Web site works with JavaScript disabled
  • Provide alternatives to flash-based content

For more comprehensive descriptions and examples, visit the following sites:

If you would like to test your site for section 508 compliance, you can enter a URL into the CynthiaSays portal from HiSoftware for free.

If you have any questions, please use the online inquiry form.

Last modified on January 31, 2007