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2/26/09 CMS upgrade update
Read the latest CMS v5 upgrade update.
Previous upgrade info
CMS implementation project update as of 8/5/08.
Early adopters roundtable podcast
Download an audio recording of the event (.mp3, 10.2MB, 59 min)
Design Guidelines
Download a design guidelines manual that will help you format your CMS templates, write for the web, select images, etc.
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Project History

UWM's CMS project began in April 2004 with the formation of a core service team. Currently, the project is in the campus rollout phase, identifying early adopters to migrate existing Web sites to UWM's CMS using a Call for Proposals process.

February 2007 – CMS Informational Web site launched
Web site ( serves as a resource for information, including project updates, training materials and resources.
January 2007 – Redesigned UWM homepage
Homepage and associated sub pages launched. All newly-designed UWM pages are hosted in the new CMS environment. Templates were developed for use by other campus Web sites using CMS.
October & November 2006 - Subcommittee team work continues
Technical aspects of CMS are investigated and CMS is used in redesign of UWM homepage and other selected Web pages; CMS information Web site is developed; Call for Proposals documentation is written
Communications team (led by Wendy Luljak) : create communications plan and the develop/launch CMS informational Web site
Training team (led by Ericka Mendez): develop training and documentation
September 2006 – Subcommittees formed
Administration team (led by Michael Hostad) : develop project timeline, launch sequence and examine faculty and student use of UWM's CMS
August 2006 – CMS fundamentals training
Various members of the implementation team participated in a fundamentals training seminar conducted by PaperThin. The goal was to familiarize the team with the operational features of UWM's CMS.
July 2006 – CMS Implementation team formed
With representatives from schools, colleges, units and departments, the team was charged with developing a plan to roll out UWM's CMS to the campus.
July 2006 – Server configuration and initial software installation completed
There were no "red flags" during the system installation and UWM's CMS software was found to be compatible with the UWM IT environment.
April 2006 – CMS purchased
After analysis and demonstrations a CMS (known as CommonSpot developed by a company called PaperThin) was purchased.
January 2006 – RFB (Request for Bid) completed
Requirements were generated from looking at systems currently in the marketplace, consulting Gartner resources and discussing CMS applications with universities around the country.
June 2004 – Core service team begins to investigate content managements systems
With limited resources, time constraints and a clear need for a campuswide CMS, the team turned its attention to gathering information about content management systems and selecting a CMS.
April 2004 – Core service team formed
Initial efforts of the team were focused on gathering information about how individuals/units were managing their Web sites. It was determined that this type of assessment could best be done by an outside consultant; however, lack of funding prevented the hiring of a consultant.

Last modified on January 31, 2007