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Campus Rollout

Widespread campus adoption of UWM's CMS requires that procedures, policies, guidelines and training be developed and coordinated. Introducing a new system to the campus community is complex; and with limited resources, providing adequate support to ensure successful site launches is challenging.

Controlled Rollout of UWM's CMS

A controlled rollout with a Call for Proposals process will allocate limited resources fairly and realistically among the "early adopters," those who want to use UWM's CMS during its initial stages to migrate or redesign their existing Web. These early adopters will provide the roadmap for a widespread campus rollout.

There are many benefits of a controlled rollout:

  • Gives the schools/colleges/divisions resources for some assistance with sitemap development, focus groups, navigation restructuring, and workflow creation
  • Helps ensure that sites are built in a consistent manner
  • Offers professional guidance leading to sound navigation, usability and accessibility decisions

Those involved in the controlled rollout will have the opportunity for a limited number of free hours for professional consultation and receive hands-on, personalized CMS training specific to their needs.

Project Timeline for CMS Campus Rollout

For the most current information about the CMS campus-wide roll-out, please see the information updates on the homepage. If you have questions, please complete the online inquiry form.

Last modified on March 26, 2008