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Early Adopters Status Reports

Five early adopters have been selected to participate in a pilot project designed to test CMS migrations, support documents, and general use of the CMS. Each early adopter is working to migrate their existing website into UWM's CMS. A lot has been learned about the process and this page is intended to keep interested parties informed of their progress.

Progress Report: Week of 11/5/07

Enrollment Services Report pending.
CMS-based site live at

The past week was spent working on web pages, finishing documentation, and organizing our next CMS training event. We continued to migrate and tweak some of our web pages on the SOE CMS system. We also have organized our next training session for November 14th so we are excited about that. We have finished our documentation so we now have a style guide and training documentation in place for our users to work from.

Finally, we worked with UITS to add some of our authors to the CMS system so that they can access the system. In doing that we have to add our users to their specific groups and set security permissions so that they can access their areas. We also have created a testing work area for each user so that they can work with and complete exercises during the training session.

Submitted by: Dario Elia

Human Resources Report pending.
CMS-based site live at
CEAS Report pending.
Roberto Hernandez Report pending.

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Last modified on November 14, 2007