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2/26/09 CMS upgrade update
Read the latest CMS v5 upgrade update.
Previous upgrade info
CMS implementation project update as of 8/5/08.
Early adopters roundtable podcast
Download an audio recording of the event (.mp3, 10.2MB, 59 min)
Design Guidelines
Download a design guidelines manual that will help you format your CMS templates, write for the web, select images, etc.
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Implementation Roster

With representatives from schools, colleges, units and departments, the Implementation Team was charged with developing a plan to roll out UWM's CMS to the campus. Listed below are the members of the team.

Andy Ritter UWM Libraries
Carla Sagert Human Resources
Dusko Josifovski CEAS
Eve Andreas I&MT - Project Management
Ellen Lafouge Social Welfare
Ericka Mendez I&MT - Training
Greg Walz-Chojnacki University Relations
Rebecca Hall Information Studies
Helaine Johnson School of Education
John Mills Graduate School
John Bartel Alumni Association
Linda Levenhagen I&MT - Web Development
Lesley White I&MT - Visual Design
Mark Jacobson I&MT - Web Development
Mark Patterson Peck School of the Arts
Michael Hostad I&MT - Web Development
Ricky Kaja I&MT - Web Development
Todd Schwanke Health Sciences
Steve Nelson Student
Sue Podgorski Academic Affairs
Tammy Colavecchi Recruitment & Outreach
Titus Curtain L&S
Tamara Edmond Student
Homer Hruby L&S
Tanya Joosten Learning Technology Center
Toni Vick I&MT - Web Development
Carolyn Alfvin Nursing
Joni Winfield Student
Wendy Luljak I&MT - Communications

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