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Ongoing training and technical support will be provided to assist Web administrators, faculty and students migrate, launch and maintain their Web sites in UWM's CMS. During the initial launch phase, these resources will be utilized to migrate the Web sites identified through the Call for Proposals process.


Training will be provided for individuals who will serve as the Web administrator (the individual who will be managing the Web site and setting roles and responsibilities on the site). The training will be offered on a regular basis via I&MT short courses.

In addition, online tutorials and manuals will be available to assist individuals designated as contributors (writes Web content), editors (reviews and edits Web content) and publishers (sends content to the Web page). In some cases, one person may serve in all roles.

Please watch this site for more information about CMS training.

Technical Support

Technical support will be provided by I&MT Creative Services through the Web Development and Visual Design areas. Assistance will be billed at the standard hourly rate.

The Web development area will assign Web space and assist as needed in the technical aspects of migrating an existing Web site or launching a new site.

If the standard Web page templates provided need to be modified or new templates need to be developed, the Visual Design area can assist. They can also provide guidance to ensure that UWM branding standards are met.

For technical support, contact

For general inquiries, please use the online inquiry form.

Last modified on January 31, 2007