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2/26/09 CMS upgrade update
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CMS implementation project update as of 8/5/08.
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CMS Implementation Update - 8/5/08

Below is a status report regarding the campuswide implementation of UWM's web content management system, as well as an updated timeline. If you have any questions, please contact

CommonSpot Upgrade Roll-back

After the successful roll-back to CommonSpot version 4.6.3 on May 5th, systems have been functioning normally. UITS staff have been working on determining the cause(s) of the unsuccessful upgrade to version 5. Steps have been taken to optimize the templates that are serving UWM's top-level pages (e.g. "Future Students," "Current Students," etc - approx. 300+ pages). While those improvements to the template have dramatically improved the templates' performance, there are still instability issues at the server level. In consultation with our CMS vendor, a new hardware environment is being built in order to perform more accurate testing, though at this point, signs are pointing more to a problem with ColdFusion than with the CMS. Some more tests still need to be conducted to know this for sure.

Next Steps

Work will continue with the development of a new hardware environment and further testing on the CMS and ColdFusion. For now, the CMS will stay on version 4.6.3 and ColdFusion will remain on version 7. The campus-wide availablity of the CMS will be delayed until this problem is resolved and an upgrade can be performed successfully. Please watch this site for updates.

Last modified on August 5, 2008