College Connection graphicCollege Connection: A Higher Degree of Education

College Connection is an ideal solution for the student interested in obtaining a UWM degree but unable to physically be at the Milwaukee campus. College Connection students take the same online courses that traditional on-campus UWM students take and are taught by the same faculty and academic staff. No distinction is made between a College Connection student and any other student taking an online course, and, in any particular class, all of the students in that course participate equally in online discussion and testing. The online coursework leads to the same high-quality degree that is received by students who attend face-to-face classes. College Connection is a higher degree of education unique in its focus on providing rigorous four-year bachelor's degree programs through distance education.

College Connection was initially designed as a collaborative degree program with the UW Colleges and several of the Wisconsin Technical Colleges to help students complete a UWM degree after completing an Associate degree at one of the two-year campuses. Today, some students enter College Connections with an Associate's Degree, but many others enter directly into the online program without any previous college degree. Some students may arrive straight out of high school to take a full-time course load, while others may be returning to school on a part-time basis while continuing to work full-time. The program is particularly valuable to students who need to reside outside of the Milwaukee area but still want to earn a UWM degree.