Bus Buddies

Milwaukee bus

Photo: OnMilwaukee.com

Don't have transportation to and from your volunteer or service-learning site? No problem! 

Check out the bus routes to some of our most popular locations below. You'll form relationships with other students while traveling to and from your service site safely. You'll become a pro at navigating the Milwaukee County Transit System while making use of your free UPASS.

Here's how it works:

Just looking for directions? Visit google transit to find your bus route.

Want to find other students taking the bus to your site? Email the CCBLLR with your volunteer site and the times you regularly attend. We'll see who else may be traveling at the same time to that volunteer site and connect you.

Still a little nervous? Stop by our office! Check out these helpful links: 100 Reasons to Ride, UWM ZimRide, UWM Zipcar, UPASS FAQS.