Bonner Leaders Application

Please read the following information before filling out the application.

Bonner Leader Program Details

Skills Necessary

  • Commitment to equity, inclusion, and social justice

  • Ability to effectively communicate with various audiences: youth, staff, faculty, college students, community members

  • Ability to effectively manage various time commitments and multiple projects

  • Ability to meet deadlines and submit accurate timecards

  • Ability to take initiative

  • Ability to work in a team

Responsibilities & Commitments

  • Serve in Bonner Leader position from September 2014 to September 2015

  • Complete approximately 8 hours of paid and unpaid community-service each week

  • Enroll in Educational Policy 315: Group Process and Civic Engagement, a 3 credit class that meets weekly

  • Develop relationships with the local community through people in their organizations and programs

  • Develop leadership skills including effective communication, facilitation, time management, program and event planning, community organizing, and more

  • Participate in a community of student leaders working and learning together

  • Create an end of the year display and attend the Presentation of Engagement and Learning

  • Participate in Alternative Spring Break trip

  • Communicate regularly with service site coordinator as well as UWM Bonner Leader Program coordinator

  • Abide by and submit AmeriCorps, Bonner Leader Program, and work study related paperwork, timesheets, and documentation

Must be available to attend the following fall semester events:

  • September 4-December 18 Educational Policy 315: Group Process & Civic Engagement

  • September 20-21 Annual Student Leadership Retreat

  • November 8 Rakathon Day of Service

  • January 19 MLK Day of Service

Bonner Leaders will be expected to serve as engaged leaders and role models both on and off campus. As such, programs may arise on campus or in the community which Bonner Leaders will be expected to participate. Participation in these events will be coordinated by the Bonner Leader Program Director and will count towards completion of service hours.


  • $1,100 AmeriCorps Education Award upon completion of 300 hours of service and leadership development within one year. This award can be earned up to 4 years.

  • A significant amount of the service hours required can be earned through placement in a community work study position, paying approximately $9.25 an hour.

  • Membership in a nationally recognized program

  • Leadership and professional skills training

  • Scholarship to attend Alternative Spring Break

  • Networking opportunities

  • Peer support for personal development

  • Potential funding to attend national Bonner Leader programs

Check Yes if your parents, guardians, or grandparents did NOT attend college.