Upcoming Volunteer Events

Transportation will be provided for most events. Click the "Read more >" link for more information.

If you would like to request an accommodation for an event because of a special need or condition, please contact lmarks@uwm.edu or the event's specific contact person as soon as possible so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Hunger Simulation

Make your way through a 30-minute interactive maze where you’ll take on the identity of a working-class family of four living at the poverty line. Participants receive one month’s wages and then go from station to station paying bills and making choices about living arrangements, transportation, groceries, health care, and more. After completing all of the interactive stations, participants receive a free bowl of stew and have an opportunity to learn about ways they can join the fight to alleviate poverty through direct service and advocacy. Participants are invited to stop by at any time between 11:00am-2:00pm. The Hunger Simulation takes place in the Union Concourse.  For more information, OR to volunteer at a station, email wilsonh@uwm.edu.