Emerging Leaders Program

Students participate in a team-building activity at the Student Leadership Retreat

The Emerging Leaders Program provides students with a path along which they can:

  • Explore their personal beliefs and values that define one’s civic and leader identity.
  • Develop a better sense of self related to awareness and understanding.
  • Build practical skills in communication and organizational leadership.
  • Begin to see their role in a larger community context.

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The Six Components of the Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program produces engaged and competent leaders for our local, national, and global communities. Students engage in six activities over the course of two years such as workshops, retreats, internships, classroom learning and a mentoring program that helps to facilitate the personal development of leaders.

See some of the components of the Emerging Leaders Program in action: Doc|UWM video on Vimeo


Students will be assigned a mentor from the community who will act as a role model and advisor. Students will develop leadership and communication skills as well as a greater understanding of relationships, civic identity, and community engagement.


Participants must complete Ed Policy 315: Group Process and Civic Engagement. This class will offer an understanding of leadership practices by which you can begin to define yourself and connect your values to existing leadership models and theories.

Leadership Retreat

Take some time away from the classroom to attend the Student Leadership Retreat. You will get the chance to meet others interested in leadership and participate in leadership reflection, interactive team-building exercises, ethical understanding, problem-solving and critical thinking exercises. In year two, students attend the Social Justice Retreat.

Civic Engagement

Tailor the program to your own interests and goals. Choose four experiences to learn more on a topic of your choice through activities related to leadership, community involvement, future networking or relationship development.

Professional Development

Complete Panther Professional Development Workshops on campus. You can choose from educational sessions centered around professionalism in the workplace, student leadership, understanding cultural differences, communication skills, and preparation for the future.


What better way to gain experience than to intern in the field you are interested in? Apply the leadership training and theory that you already have established to a real world experience as a Civic Engagement Intern. Develop a greater understanding of community involvement that will impact future decisions.