Leadership Development

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Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program produces engaged and competent leaders for our local, national, and global communities. Students engage in six activities over the course of two years such as workshops, retreats, internships, classroom learning and a mentoring program that helps to facilitate the personal development of leaders.

Students participate in a team-building exercise

SMORES Living Learning community (LLC)

The SMORES LLC is a academic-based leadership development opportunity for students who are second year students who would like to continue to live in the residence halls, and explore leadership in different fields. Students will take a course in leadership theory, engage in service-learning, and attend an overnight retreat. For more information contact Laurie at lmarks@uwm.edu.

Students interacting during a team-building exercise


The CCBLLR provides leadership development and team-building opportunities for student organizations, campus departments, and Milwaukee non-profit agencies through the LEAD MKE Mini-Retreats Program. LEAD MKE Mini-Retreats are half-day experiences that empower teams to explore leadership development and group dynamics through three interactive sessions. Contact sbickert@uwm.edu for more information.

Students that participate in the Education and Leadership LLC

Education and Leadership Living Learning Community

New freshman who are majoring in education can consider living in the Education and Leadership LLC. Students in this LLC will engage in service-learning at a local public school, attend an overnight retreat, and explore leadership in the context of community change. For more information contact Laurie at lmarks@uwm.edu.

A group of Bonner Leaders students at the Student Leadership Retreat

Bonner Leaders Scholarship Program

The Bonner Leaders Program awards 25 first- or second-year students a $1,100 scholarship after they complete 260 hours of paid or unpaid community service and complete a 3-credit leadership development course. Please visit the following link for more information and the application: Bonner Application or contact sbickert@uwm.edu.

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Community Leadership Certificate Program

The undergraduate Community Leadership Certificate Program is a class-based, 18-credit program where students from any major can explore leadership theory, community organizing, the role of civic life and identity, and gain practical experience. For more information, contact Laurie at lmarks@uwm.edu or visit the Leadership Certificate Program website for details.