Tatara-San Pedro Project
Department of Geosciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

A page in support of a manuscript submitted by Teri Boundy and Chris Condit to the Journal of Geoscience Education

This page describes the assignments and data used in the Tatara-San Pedro Project as found in Boundy and Condit (submitted), and provides links to download those exercises and data.  It requires the use of the Dynamic Digital Map of the Tatara-San Pedro Volcanic complex (DDM.TSP), which was created by Chris Condit (UMass-Amherst).  An updated version of the DDM is available at the the following URL:


Tatara-San Pedro Project files

Below are PDF files of the assignments used in the Tatara-San Pedro Project, a group research project in the one-semester undergraduate course in igneous and metamorphic petrology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 



Part 1: Lab#8 Subduction-Related Igneous Activity: Continental Arcs


Part 2: Hw#8 Evolution of the Southern Andes


Part 3: Research Project


Additional Data and References



Examples of Research Poster Rubrics (General rubrics for assessing research posters)


View of the Tatara-San Pedro volcanic complex (TSP) Volcanic Complex in the Central Chilean Andes (36 S).


Sampling the Causeway flow, Tatara SanPedro Volcanic complex.



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