Geo Sci 100 Devil's Lake, Rock Springs trip

Devils Lake

The optional (extra credit) field trip to Devil's Lake State Park and Rock Springs, Wisconsin will take place on Saturday October 17th.

Field Trip Sign-up Information

Sign-up for this trip begins the week of September 29th. All field trip ticket sales and sign-up will be handled in the lab portion of the class, NOT in lecture.  All students that sign up during the first week will have an equal chance of getting a ticket regardless of the day that their lab meets.  Interested students should fill out the two-sided Field Trip Signup Form (pdf 77kb). After completion of the form, your TA will issue you a nonrefundable, non-transferrable ticket for the trip to reserve a seat for you on the bus, along with a hard copy of a Field Trip Expectations' (pdf 55kb; content included below).

If there are more students interested per class than your TA has tickets, than your TA will draw names for the first week's tickets and put the remaining people on a randomly-ordered first-priority wait list.  Students that sign up after the first week of sign-up will be added to the trip list or wait list on a first-come first-serve basis.  

The trip cost is $25, but you will NOT need to have money ‘in-hand’ to purchase a ticket – you simply fill out the Field Trip Signup Form and you will be billed for the trip shortly after the trip, and you will need to pay this fee by the end of the semester to avoid a HOLD on your grades.  

The field trip sign-up list is typically limited to 50 students, however, if there is sufficient demand (e. g., >40 students on a wait list), the Department will consider reserving a 2nd bus if they can also assure enough teaching assistants or other instructors to lead a group of more than 50 students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I need to show up? When will we leave? When do we get back?

Arrive in front of Lapham Hall on Maryland Avenue by 7:30 am. The coach bus leaves at ~7:45 am and typically returns by ~6:00 pm. The drive to and from the Devil’s Lake/Rock Springs area is approximately two hours each way. The return time is an estimate, and does not account for unforeseen traffic, weather, or mechanical delays.

Where will we go?

We will travel a total of approximately 275 miles, and we will offload the bus three times. The three major stops where we will offload from the bus are at Parfrey’s Glen, Devil’s Lake State Park , and Rock Springs, Wis. We plan to be outside the entire time at each stop, although you will have the option to eat your lunch on the bus at Devil’s Lake. The tentative Trip Itinerary (pdf; 20kb).

What will we do?

We will learn about the geology of Wisconsin, from Milwaukee to the ‘driftless area’ of central Wisconsin. The major geologic features we will observe are the glacial topography of south-central Wisconsin, the Baraboo Range ‘mountains’, the gorge at Parfrey’s Glen, the Rock Springs quartzite quarry and Van Hise Rock. Your instructor will supply a field trip log and a field trip assignment. You should use your field trip log to follow along and review the geology of each area. You must complete the assignment throughout the day by listening to the geology presentations, asking questions, and discussing with your classmates. You will earn 2% extra credit if you complete and submit the assignment by the end of day (and receive a grade of 80% or better).

What should I bring?

  • Your student ID

  • a pen or pencil

  • Appropriate clothing to be outside for the majority of the day. (e. g., raingear, if necessary)

  • Sturdy walking shoes (hiking shoes or boots preferred – NO flip flops or slippers!)

  • Lunch, beverages or snacks for the entire day (We will not stop to buy lunch!)

  • Health insurance card or information, AND any medications, inhaler, EpiPen, etc. that might be needed to hike and spend the day outdoors.

  • (Optional) Clipboard, notebook, folder, backpack, rock hammer, camera, …

Details and reminders:

  • The field trip ticket is NONREFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Your account will be billed a maximum of $25.00 by the UWM Bursar’s office shortly after the trip. You will need to pay this fee by the end of the semester to prevent a hold on your grades. ‘Purchase’ of a field trip ticket reserves a seat for YOU on the bus, and means that you agree to pay the trip fee, whether you go or not, (**Unless you cancel within three days prior to the trip **AND** we are able to pass along your ticket to one of the students on the wait list within those three days.)

  • All UWM rules and policies apply to off-campus educational experiences such as this field trip.

  • UWM does NOT provide health insurance for you while on the field trip (as stated in the waiver portion of the Field Trip Signup Form).

  • No weapons of any type are allowed on the trip, regardless of a concealed carry permit.

  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the trip.

  • Rock climbing is not permitted.

  • When hiking, the class will travel together on assigned trails.

  • Some stops on the trip will require the ability to hike moderate distances (up to 2 miles) along uneven trails. The west lake bluff trail at Devil’s Lake requires you to hike up approximately 500 feet in elevation. If you think you will have difficulty hiking, you must discuss your concerns with one of the instructors to allow for accommodations.

  • When possible, arrangements can be made to make the field trip accessible to students who need accommodations due to a physical disability; however, the student must make these arrangements in conjunction with the lecture instructor at least one week prior to the field trip.

  • Contact your TA or Rob Graziano (Lap 342, Ph. 229-3648) if you have any other questions.

  • The only way to obtain extra credit for this field trip is to be with us on the busses from beginning to end. That means no driving your own car, no meeting us at the first stop, no leaving us in a car from the last stop, and so on. Why? Liability, for one.

Field trip cancellation policy:

  • The field trip will only be cancelled if severe weather (i. e., severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, ice storms, heavy snowfall,..) is forecasted for the majority of the day, OR for unforeeen circumstances beyond our control (e. g., bus breakdown, park closure, ...) The trip will not be cancelled if light rain, sleet or snow, or intermittent thunderstorms are forecasted. So, please track the forecast yourself and bring weather-appropriate clothing and footwear.

Check out the Geology of Wisconsin on the Web....

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  2. Minerals of Wisconsin - by William Cordua, University of Wisconsin River Falls
  3. Virtual Field Trips in Wisconsin - by Department of Geosciences, UW Milwaukee
  4. Geologic History of Rib Mountain, Wisconsin - by Keith Montgomery, UW Marathon County
  5. The Baraboo Ranges - A Geologic Tour- by Keith Montgomery, UW Marathon County
  6. Devil's Lake - A Panoramic View - by Phil Brown, University of Wisconsin Madison
  7. Devil's Lake State Park
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