Caring for the Lab Resources

The resources that you use in lab have been paid for either by your teachers, by past teachers, or by Wisconsin taxpayers. They are intended for the use of all students who enroll in this course: not just by you, and not just by students enrolled this semester.

It is your responsibility to care for and preserve the lab resources.

  • You may not borrow or remove any lab resources from the lab room.
  • You may not write on any of the maps or displays.
  • You may not do anything to harm the lab's computer resources.
  • You may not damage any of the rock or mineral specimens, with the exception of the specimens that have been explicitly set aside for acidizing, scratching, or cleaving.
  • You may not damage any of the displays or models used during the lab sessions.

Obviously, this list could be extended, but even in its longer form it could be boiled down to the following:

Use common sense, be considerate, and conserve lab resources.