Structural Geology Class Poems and Song Lyrics: Spring 2005

These are structural geology poems and song lyrics written by Structural Geology students during spring break 2005. As you can see, our class is quite talented, and the writing samples represent an impressive diversity of styles. The poems and lyrics are given here exactly as submitted by the students, so any "errors" you may see in spelling, grammar, or form are surely not errors, but intentional literary devices used by the authors.

Enjoy the poems. To vote for your favorite, email the professor Dyanna Czeck ( State A) which poem or lyric you like best, B) why you liked it, C) your credentials as a judge of structural poetry, and D) whether you would mind your comments (either attributed or anonymous) to appear on the updated website once voting is complete. Voting ends by April 22, 2005. The winner will receive 1) prestige amongst his/her peers and 2) an inexpensive trip to Baraboo with the rest of the class.

Student #1


Understanding strain
Can cause considerable amounts of pain
But can also be a gift
When you have to measure the drift
8 centimeters minus 6
When measuring a slick
In the end it's all just a change
Made to make you deranged

Student #2

Ode to Boudins

The rock has pulled apart.
The σ1 is pulling on the rock.
The σ3 is crushing on the rock.
The rock has boudinaged.

The rock has boudinaged.
A small layer feels the pressure.
The small layer begins to separate.
The rock has pulled apart.

The rock has pulled apart.
Small tails form at the ends of the small layer pieces.
The layer has acted ductilely.
The rock has boudinaged.

The strain and stress diappear.
The rock becomes stable, but
The rock has pulled apart.
The rock has boudinaged.

Student #3

Mr. Mom

My car it was smashed, the wheels dilated, the hood was distorted, bumper translated, my daughter rotated, she needs structure.

My food they won't eat it, the dog they do feed it, the ovens overheated, my resources depleted, my kids they need structure.

My budget can't stretch it, my credit's plunging, the dip I must strike it, My family needs structure.

My son he was wrestling his knee was extending, shear strain he was feeling, my son he needs structure.

My wife she's complaining, point defects she's naming, Impurities flaming, I better not say she needs structure!

My house is a mess it's caused me to stress, My nerves they are brittle, but my mind it is ductile, I need Structure.

My family says I have rocks in my head, I've tried to explain their origin instead, I really need Structure.

Student #4

There are many rocks to see
How many could there be.
Some are made to be brittle
Others are ductile, just a little
Some form with calcite
Come from the ground they just might.
Beneath the surface
With heat and pressure, is just a clue for us.
Finding one containing quartz
Is an amusement, of sorts.
Look and you'll find
a fault or boudinage just behind.
The rock that you hold
Has a story to be told.
Learning the way that they form
Is the main job that we perform.

Student #5


When you have a volume change,
Dilation or distortion can rearrange,
Take some measurements of the strain,
S1 obtain, S2 obtain, S3 obtain,
Make the ratios, and figure out the plot,
A Flinn Diagram you have got,
From your strain ratios you will plot,
To the right, so hot,
You're in the flattest part,
An oblate strain ellipse is in your heart,
But to the left watch out,
There's really no need to pout,
You just been stretched apart,
Now a prolate strain ellipse is in your heart.

But wait, there's a little more,
In the middle is where you can explore,
A plane strain was created,
Now 2D strain deformation is stated.

Student #6

A Structural Geology Limerick for you:

It is very useful to know
Rheologists study deformation and flow
Finding the stress and the strain
Relationship is a pain
But can make you a structural pro.

Student #7

Boudinage Haiku

Flattening layers
Extension of ductile rock
When stretched, Boudins form

Student #8


Only nine weeks, hard to believe how much we've learned
My biggest problem is keeping straight all the terms
Deciphering between them, my brain is a mess
Stress versus strain! Strain versus stress!
So here is a limerick you've probably never heard
To help you remember if it's a strain or stress word:
If you're looking at a 2D plane that has undergone stress,
Shear stress and normal stress are the terms that fit best.
But if this plane is strained, what should we hear?
You have two main choices: simple or pure shear.
If the strain has deformed a structure that's a line,
Shortening or extension will do it just fine.
Strain on 3D structures may get you confused
Flattening and constriction are the terms you should use.
There are a few more words I must remember to mention:
If you're dealing with stress, it's compression, torsion, and tension.
Just two more terms and this limerick is through:
When something's been strained, coaxial and non-coaxial you can use.

Student #9

A Haiku
Defects, Defects Everywhere

Linear Defects
Microstructure Dislocations
Edges and Screws Glide

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