deformed conglomerate

LINKS: Here are a few links that may be of interest to the class. If you find others that should be included, let me know.

General Structural Geology
Learn Structural Geology Great site with photos and introduction to structural geology from Leeds University.
Journal of Structural Geology See what great articles you should request through interlibrary loan.
Microstuctures Experimentally deformed quartz microstructures.
3D visualizations of structures Animations and diagrams from Steve Reynolds.
Stress, Strain, and Structure A special volume of the Virtual Explorer honouring Win Means. Many well-written papers on structural geology.
GSA short course on "Deformation mechanisms and microstructures," October 1998 Needed for Lab on Fabrics in Ductile Rocks.
Thin Section Images for Lab on Fabrics in Ductile Rocks
IRIS Fault motion animations
Structural geology resource page Includes a list of links to sites with structure photos, computer software, and a listing of structural geologists.
Structural Geology techniques Lab techniques from Dr. Steven Dutch.
Visualizing structure links to animations.
Geological Society of America Structural Geology & Tectonics Division
Online structure class notes and labs from MIT.
Animations from Rob Holcombe.

Baraboo FieldTrip
Geos 100 field trip photos See Dyanna with large busloads of intro students in Baraboo
Geology of Wisconsin - by Steven Dutch,  University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Minerals of Wisconsin - by William Cordua, University of Wisconsin River Falls
Geologic History of Rib Mountain, Wisconsin - by Keith Montgomery, UW Marathon County
The Baraboo Ranges - A Geologic Tour- by Keith Montgomery, UW Marathon County
Devil's Lake - A Panoramic View - by Phil Brown, University of Wisconsin Madison
Devil's Lake State Park
Wisconsin - Take it for Granite - by Bill Kean, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Geology by Lightplane- Baraboo Syncline - by Lou Maher, University of Wisconsin Madison
Geology by Lightplane - by Lou Maher, University of Wisconsin Madison (very cool!)

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