Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Seminar: Field Techniques 
in Clastic Sedimentology

Kentucky Trip: August 2003

(Natural Bridge, Ky)

Participants: (Left to Right) Kim Wilkinson, Michelle Mumpy, Alexis Woods, TomBellie, Jim Gutoski, Gina Lemieux, Joe Nelson, Snejana Boscov, Carrie Check, Quintin Bendixen, Pete Flaig.  Not pictured: Amanda Raitanen and John Isbell.

Seminar Topics
Tidal Deposits
Delta Deposits
Confined vs. Unconfined Flow
Rivers vs. Deltas
Ripple Indices
Channel Migration
Rotation of Deformed Cross-beds
Sedimentary Structures
Accomodation Faults at Pound Gap
Measureing Sections and Cross-beds