Pennsylvanian of Kentucky
Tidal Deposits 

Flaser Bedding
  • fluctuating flows (start/stop currents)
  • sand ripples
  • troughs of ripples are filled with mud
  • environment favors sand deposits (relatively strong currents most often) more sand than mud
Wavy Bedding
  • fluctuating flows (start/stop currents)
  • alternating layers of sand ripples and mud
  • mud fills ripple troughs and thinly covers the crest
  • environment does not favor sand or mud deposits (currents alternate between a relatively strong current followed by a calm period)
  • about equal amounts of sand and mud 
Lenticular Bedding
  • fluctuating flows (start/stop currents)
  • incomplete sand ripples completely covered with mud
  • environment favors mud deposits (calm periods with a few short strong currents)
  • more mud than sand 


Comparing Bedding
  • (A) flaser bedding- mostly sand ripples
  • (B) wavy bedding - mixture of sand ripples and mud
  • (C) lenticular bedding - mostly mud 
Location of Formation
  • flaser bedding - commonly forms in relatively high energy environments (sand flats)
  • wavy bedding  - commonly forms in environments that alternate frequently from higher to lower energies (mixed flats)
  • lenticular bedding - commonly forms in relatively low energy environments (mud flats) 

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