The Center for Urban Initiatives and Research contributes to the educational mission of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee by offering applied research training opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.

Graduate Research

CUIR utilizes a cadre of masters and doctoral students from disciplines such as political science, urban studies, economics and sociology, who assist with applied research carried out for nonprofit and government clients.

Graduate students gain valuable real-life experience in conducting literature reviews, designing and carrying out surveys, conducting interviews and focus groups, analylzing data and writing reports. Graduate students interested in CUIR should contact us at

Undergraduate Research

In partnership with UWM's Office of Undergraduate Research, CUIR coordinates an undergraduate research experience program to provide opportunities for students to conduct urban-related research. Successful applicants are appointed for one semester and receive a stipend. The goal of the program is to increase students' knowledge and understanding of applied research methods through participation in research projects, strategic planning or evaluation initiatives.