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Wisconsin Economic Scorecard Analysis

The inaugural Wisconsin Economic Scorecard, a survey conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, explored perceptions of the health of Wisconsin’s economy as well as personal economic circumstances of Wisconsin residents.

Follow-up analysis of the April 2012 data, detailed in this report, reveals how "average" Wisconsin residents tend to feel about the state economy. Highlights include:

  • Political views trump demographic and socioeconomic characteristics in determining individual opinion regarding the general direction of the state.
  • Those positioned to be affected by low demand in the labor market are much more likely than business owners or retirees to express negative views of the current state economy.
  •  Women are less optimistic about Wisconsin's future than men.

For more findings and methodology, view the report here.

The Wisconsin Economic Scorecard
is a new quarterly poll of Wisconsin residents conducted by the UWM Center for Urban Initiatives and Research in cooperation with Milwaukee public radio station WUWM and