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Wisconsin Economic Scorecard July 2012

The most recent Wisconsin Economic Scorecard, a survey conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, finds a majority of residents (51.1%) feel Wisconsin is headed in the right direction, an increase over 41.9% in the previous survey conducted April 2012.

Residents once again cite "unemployment/jobs" as the most important economic issue facing the state, with 51.3% of responses falling into that category. A distant second and third was health care at 5.8% and taxes at 4.6%.

The survey also found:

  • Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, 44.0% of Wisconsin residents think the Act will hurt the state economy in the long run, while 33.1% think it will help. When it comes to the Act’s impact on personal health care costs, residents are most likely to express the view that they will not be affected (43.3%).
  • Most Wisconsin residents rate the current state economy as “Fair” (51.9%) or “Poor” (25.7%). These figures are unchanged from the previous quarter.
  • Wisconsin residents are less optimistic about the future performance of the state economy than they were last quarter. Previously, 45.3% felt the state economy would “get better” over the next year. Now, 42.7% say the state economy will “stay about the same” over the next year.
  • Most residents rate their personal finances as “good” (39.8%) or “fair” (33.8%). However, about half (51.2%) report having experienced at least one of the following major financial problems over the last six months: affording rent or mortgage; keeping a job; getting a loan or credit; saving or paying for retirement; paying for utilities.

For more findings and methodology, view the report here.

The Wisconsin Economic Scorecard
is a new quarterly poll of Wisconsin residents conducted by the UWM Center for Urban Initiatives and Research in cooperation with Milwaukee public radio station WUWM and