Wisconsin Economic Scorecard

CUIR conducts this quarterly poll of Wisconsin residents' perceptions about the economy in collaboration with WUWM and Wisbusiness.com.

Tobacco Surveillance and Evaluation Research

CUIR works with Wisconsin's Division of Public Health to monitor tobacco use and evaluate prevention programs.

People Speak Poll

CUIR joins the Public Policy Forum and the Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee in sponsoring the People Speak Poll which tracks public opinion in southeastern Wisconsin on the economy, government and transit.

Applied Research

Clients from the public and nonprofit sectors turn to CUIR for their research, planning and evaluation needs. Our goal for every project is to provide the information our clients need to make sound decisions. If you are interested in learning more about our research services, please contact Terry Batson or individual researchers.

Taking advantage of the latest technology, our services include:

Program Planning and Evaluation

We conduct process and outcome (formative and summative) evaluation projects ranging from neighborhood initiatives to statewide multi-site programs. We are a strong proponent of theory-driven evaluation using logic models.

Data Visualization

Our researchers are skilled in presenting data in an accessible format designed for utilization.

Strategic Planning

We assist organizations and communities as they create visions of the future and plans to achieve their goals by facilitating strategic planning, strategic visioning and group decision-making processes.

Community Needs Assessments

To support strategic and program planning, we conduct assessments of assets and needs in organizations, neighborhoods and communities.

Survey Research

We offer a complete array of survey research services, including questionnaire design, sampling strategy, data analysis and report writing. We conduct telephone, mail and online surveys, along with in-person interviews and focus groups. Telephone surveys (land line and cell) are conducted with a 12-station computer-assisted phone interview (CATI) system using SawTooth software. Online surveys are conducted using Qualtrics.

Geographic Information Systems

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, we geocode, map and analyze spatial data.

Data Management and Analysis

We design databases, including web-based applications that allow data entry from remote sites. In addition, we help clients with data analysis needs.