Karen Palmersheim

Karen Palmersheim

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Karen Palmersheim

Karen Palmersheim is an epidemiologist and researcher at the Center for Urban Initiatives and Research.  She conducts tobacco surveillance and evaluation research in collaboration with the Wisconsin Division of Public Health.  She has experience in all aspects of the research process: proposal development, methodological design, literature review, survey instrument construction, data analysis, report and manuscript writing, and presentation of research findings to interested stakeholders and at professional conferences.

More broadly, Dr. Palmersheim’s background includes conducting applied research at the community level, teaching in academic and community settings, and practicing in clinical settings.

She has taught Human Behavior and the Environment to graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Social Work, taught a module on Tobacco Surveillance and Evaluation to graduate and continuing education students, and provided one-on-one research training to graduate students of Epidemiology and Public Health.

Education and Training
•    BS, Dental Hygiene
•    MSW, Social Work
•    MS, Epidemiology
•    PhD, Social Welfare
•    PhD Minor, Aging

Research Skills/Areas of Specialization
•    Surveillance and monitoring
•    Program evaluation
•    Survey instrument design
•    Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
•    Technical Writing

Fields of Interest
•    Health Behavior
•    Aging
•    Healthy Communities
•    Prevention of Risk Behavior

•    Wisconsin Public Health Association