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Wisconsin Economic Scorecard

The Wisconsin Economic Scorecard is a quarterly poll of Wisconsin residents conducted by the UWM Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, in cooperation with Milwaukee public radio station WUWM and This tracking poll measures perceptions of the health of Wisconsin’s economy as well as personal economic circumstances of Wisconsin residents.

Recent Poll Results


Fourth Quarter (poll conducted December 1-4, 2014)

Third Quarter (poll conducted September 22-27, 2014)

Second Quarter (poll conducted June 2-5, 2014)

First Quarter (poll conducted March 3-7, 2014)


Fourth Quarter (poll conducted December 2-5, 2013)

Third Quarter (poll conducted September 23-26, 2013)

Second Quarter (poll conducted June 3-6, 2013)

First Quarter (poll conducted February 4-7, 2013)

November 2012 (poll conducted November 7-9, 2012)

October 2012 (poll conducted October 22-25, 2012)

July 2012 (poll conducted July 9-12, 2012)

April 2012 (poll conducted March 26-30, 2012)