Congratulations and welcome to Graduation! Here we provide you with the information you need regarding graduation policies and procedures, timelines, deadlines, events and awards.

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Graduation Requirements
A listing of everything that needs to be satisfied to earn your degree from UWM.

Undergraduate Graduation Application
If you are ready to graduate from UWM, go here to fill out an Undergraduate Graduation Application.

Undergraduate Graduation Application Fee
The best things in life aren't free, and neither is your Undergraduate Application. Don't worry by clicking this link you will get all the necessary information.

Find out what type of degree you will receive from your School or College.

All University Honors
Find out if you qualify for academic recognition.

Honors in the Major
Find out to find out about honors in your academic program.

Commencement Information
Do you plan on attending your Commencement Ceremony? All the important information on your big day is here!

Graduating was a relief and Commencement was fun, but where is my Diploma? Find out here.

Graduation for Graduate Students
You are a Graduate Student and would like more information on graduation.