Change in Registration Deadlines (Add/Drop)
This chart shows the deadlines for making changes to your schedule for grading and records purposes. This chart lists the deadlines for most sessions.  See the Registrar's Add/Drop Calendar for specific registration deadlines for classes in a term.  Be sure to check the specific course listings in the Schedule of Classes to verify the exact dates of the courses in which you wish to enroll, as some short-term courses deviate slightly from this schedule.

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Spring 2013
Session Dates Last Day to Make Changes
Add1 Classes
or Change:

sections, number of credits, to/from CNC, or to/from Audit
Drop or Withdraw2
Without Course Transcript Notation3 With Course Transcript Notation4
Full-Semester: January 22 - May 9 February 04 February 18 March 15*
Mini-term I: January 22 - February 23 January 25 January 25 February 6*
8 weeks: January 22 - March 16 January 25 February 1 February 15*
Mini-term II: February 25 - April 6 March 01 March 01 March 13*
7 weeks: March 25 - May 9 March 29 March 29 April 17*
Mini-term III: April 8 - May 9 April 12 April 12 April 24*

1 Some departments will not sign adds on behalf of the instructors. Check with the department in advance of the deadline. Students who add courses after the first meeting date are encouraged to contact the instructor prior to enrolling to discuss ramifications for missed work or instruction. Changes to or from Credit/No-Credit status do not require signatures up to the add deadline.

2 Some departments may enforce a shorter drop period for high-demand courses. Check with the department for specific information.

* After this date, drops and withdrawals require the signature of the instructor and the school/college advising office. Signatures are given on appeal only for non-academic reasons.

3 Last day to drop courses or withdrawal without courses appearing on academic record with a symbol of ”W.“

4 Last day to drop courses or withdrawal with courses appearing on transcript with a symbol of ”W.“