Transportation 2050: Transportation Issues and New Directions for the Future

The purpose of this project is to discuss issues and concerns that will affect how transportation systems should be planned and designed for the year 2050. The papers included were prepared by students in a course taught in the Fall, 2003 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Issues and Trends

Transportation and Demographics in the United States: 2050, by Nathan Guequierre (4.4mb)

World Energy Prospects and Contingency Planning: 2050, by Ryan Horton (0.80 mb)

Transportation Energy: Supply, Demand and the Future - ITE meeting presentation June 2005 (1.80 mb)

Global Climate Change (from Volpe Center for Climate Change and Environmental Forecasting) (1.10 mb)

Sustainability and Fuel Trends, Class notes (0.20 mb)

International Perspectives

Central American Mobility Problems, by Michael May (0.85 mb)

Future Directions

New Urbanism and Transportation, by Linda Hikichi (0.65 mb)

Smart Growth and Transportation in Small Communities, by Joe Blakeman (0.77 mb)

Transportation and the Future of Downtown, by David Steele (66 kb)

Transportation Accessibility, by Carlos Alba (3.6 mb)

Low Density Transit in the United States: 2050, by Sarah Hawks (0.35 mb)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Center for Urban Trasnportation Studies

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