Innovations in Public Transit

NEW An Examination of the Process of Innovation at Transit Agencies, paper for 2006 TRB meeting

NEW Innovations in Transit Systems: Full Report(2.0 mb)

A report about the factors that lead to innvotion in transit agencies, this includes a summary of the lessons learned from the case studies as well as the results of a survey of transit agencies (403 K)

Benchmarking - Definitions and Overview

Fundamentals of Innovation, Change and Technology Transfer

The purpose of this project is to share knowledge about transit policies and innovations in urban, suburban and rural areas throughout the regions covered by the Great Cities University Consortium. This is a group of universites located in the large cities of the United States that emphasize urban realted problems and issues. This project places an emphasis on case studies describing transit innovations that set benchmarks for other transit systems to emulate.

Case studies can be submitted for inclusion on the web page. Case studies should follow a specific outline that emphasizes the factors that led to the successful implementation of the technology. This would include a description of the innovation, a user assessment, a technology assessment, project statues and a list of contacts. A specific outline of the case study, some examples and a general description of the principles of benchmarking and technology transfer are given below:

Standard format for description of an innovation

Sample list of questions to ask about an innovation

Service Innovations

  • Racine Suburban Shared Ride Taxi

  • Ozaukee County Shared Ride Taxi

  • Milwaukee County Transit System Special Events Service

  • Milwaukee County Transit System University Bus Pass (UPASS)

  • Ozaukee County Express/Reverse Commute Bus

  • Birmingham Alabama Mid Day Shopping and Lunch Shuttle Bus

  • Madison Wisconsin Transfer Center Project

  • Portland Oregon Ride About, services for the elderly and disabled

  • Traveler Information Innovations

  • Portland Oregon Real time bus arrival prediction system

  • Waukesha Internet Trip Planner

  • Management Innovations

  • Wisconsin Transit Insurance Group

  • Milwaukee County Transit System Quality Measurement Survey

  • Portland Tri-Met Bus Operator Performance Measurement System

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