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    Live Transportation Cameras

    Panama Canal Mraflores Locks
    Rochelle Illinois Railroad Web Cam
    Milwaukee Freeway Cameras

    The Top Ten list of Transportation Web Pages

    10. The TRB Home Page
    9. Institue of Transportation Engineeers
    8. Seattle Washington Real Time Bus locations
    7. Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee corridor (includes Milw freeway congestion map)
    6. Victoria Transport Policy Institute
    5. U.S. Department of Transportation
    4. TRIS OnLine
    3. On line tracking of any airline flight over the USA
    2. Transportation Resource list From Princeton
    1. The DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Browse the National Transportation Library

    Milwaukee and UWM information

    UWM Information

    UWM campus map
    UW-Milwaukee Home Page
    UWM Center for Transportation Education (Transportation related short course and training programs)
    UWM - College of Engineering and Applied Science Home page
    Graduate programs in Transportation Engineering
    Dual Masters in Engineering and Masters in Urban Planning Degree Program brochure
    Search the UWM library
    Views of the UWM campus
    School of Architecture and Urban Planning Home page
    Center for Alternative Fuels
    UBUS, UPARK, UPASS, UPOOL (why not call it UALL?) at UWM

    Milwaukeee Transportation Information

    Milwaukee without a Car, bus, taxi, etc. info for the Milwaukee area
    Milwaukee County Transit System
    Milwaukee area Transit Services
    East Side Transportation Management Association (UWM area neighborhood)
    Getting around Milwaukee
    Milwaukee Transit Historical Information
    Milwaukee Airport information

    Milwaukeee General Information

    Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal online
    The Onion (funny stuff)
    Visit Milwaukee Convention and Visitor Bureau
    On Milwaukee
    Milwaukee Public Television
    Milwaukee Irish Fest Home Page
    Milwaukee Blue"> lots of local links

    Wisconsin Information

    Wisconsin Information and Web Sites
    State of Wisconsin Web Page
    Wisconsin Tourist information
    Wisconsin Road Condition Report

    Transportation Bookmarks

    Directories of other Transportation Sites

    TRB diriectory of Links
    Top 100 transportation sites
    Galaxy Transportation Resources list
    Global Technology Base (transportation)
    The Transport Web

    Transportation Libraries and On-Line reference sources

    The Bureau of Transportation Statistics(BTS) National Transportation Library
    TRIS on-line literature searches
    SilverPlatter Worldwide Library (literature searches)
    Northwestern University Transportation Library
    Harmer E, Davis Transportation Library of the Univ of California
    US DOT Definitons of Transportation Expressions


    Wisconsin Section ITE Home Page
    TRB Home Page
    TRB Publications Search
    TRB Transit Planning Committee Web Page
    TRB Publications Index
    Institue of Transportation Engineers
    American Society of Civil Engineers
    AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
    Eno Transportation Foundation
    International Road Federation
    Mctrans Software distribution center
    PC-TRANS On Internet
    AASHTO Research in Progress database
    Center for Neighborhood Technology
    Surface Transportation Policy Project
    Community Transportation Association of America
    INFORMS Transportation Science Section (ORSA/TIMS)
    Association for Commuter Transportation
    Canadian Transportation Research Forum
    Transportation Action Network (STPP)
    Oak Ridge National Labortory, Center for Transportation Studies

    Private companies

    Midwest Airlines(Milwaukee's own, the best care in the air)
    QRSII/GNE Travel Demand Software
    Federal Express
    Transportation Services Associates Inc.


    University Transportation Home pages (From Princeton list)
    Civil Engineering Directory from Georgia Tech
    Midwest Regional University Transportion Center, UW-Madison
    National Transit Institute, Rutgers Univ
    Northwestern University Transportation Library
    MIT Center for Transportation Studies
    Victoria Transportation Policy Institute
    Wisconsin Transportation Information Center
    International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies -Transweb
    Institute for Transport Studies Leeds Home page

    Government Transportation Agencies and Organizations

    The US Department of Transportation
    Technology Sharing Program, US DOT
    The DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
    Regional Planning Agnecies and MPOs
    Multimodal Transport Section, United Nations
    Butler County Transportation Improvement District (Ohio)

    State Depts of Transportation

    US DOT list of other government agencies, incl State DOTs
    State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
    Caltrans Home Page
    Welcome to the Texas Department of Transportation - (TxDOT)
    New York State Dept of Transportation
    Michigan Department of Transportation Home Page
    Washington State DOT Home Page
    excellent home page
    Wisconsin DOT information

    Metric Conversion factors

    Tranportation Planning Resources

    MPO links by State from NARC
    Regional Agencies and MPOs
    National Household Travel Survey
    The Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program
    Learn about travel models (Chuck Purvis's guide to textbooks, etc)
    Guide to Public Involvement and the Internet
    Links to Transportation Software
    QRSII/GNE Travel Demand Software
    LUTRAQ Porject, Portland, Ore
    A Transportation Modeling Primer
    TRANSIMS travel demand software and related documents
    Travel Model Improvement Program
    FHWA Planning and Environment Web page
    Florida DOT Transit Section and link to TLOS software

    New Urbanism, Smart Growth, Livable Communities, Land Use Issues

    National Science Council Sustainable Communities Team
    Transportation for Livable Communities Network
    Congress for the new Urbanism
    Smart Growth Network
    Smart Growth database
    Sustainable Communities Network
    Land Trust Alliance
    Sustainable Measures Traffic Calming website
    Sierra Club Urban Sprawl website
    Pennsylvania Growing Greener Program
    Portland, Oregon Traffic Calming Program
    Victoria Transportation Policy Institute list of web sites
    On Line Travel Demand Management Encyclopedia from Victoria Transportation Policy Institue
    Oregon Smart Growth Program
    Toronto, 'Moving the Economy' Sustainable Transport

    Traffic Calming, Travel demand management, Context Sensitive Highway Design, Highway Safety

    Alcohol And Driving:Facts and Statistics
    ITE Context Sensitive Solutions Recommended Practice
    Complete Streets
    FHWA Flexibility in Highway Design Handbook
    Project for Public Spaces, Context Sensitive Solutions
    FHWA Context Sensitive Design Web Site
    ITE/FHWA Traffic Calming website
    Portland, Oregon Traffic Calming Program
    On Line Travel Demand Management Encyclopedia from Victoria Transportation Policy Institue
    Walkable Communiites
    Traffic Calming.org
    PartsGeek traffic Calming web site and links to other sites

    Environmental Issues

    Texas Air Pollution Resource Guide
    Environmental Impact Data Links
    NEPA net (environmental impact statement sources)
    Tranportation and the Environment (US EPA)
    National Institute for the Environment, Congressional Research Service
    Ozone level Mapping and Animations
    US EPA Air quality data and animations
    US EPA Air Links (air quality information)
    Transportation and Development Politics
    Green Automobiles

    Transit Web Sites

    FTA list of Transit System Web sites
    APTA list of Transit agencies
    Directory of Transit Cooperative Research Program Reports (TCRP) from APTA
    National Transit Data Base (FTA)
    Busview Seattle Real time bus location system
    San Francisco Bay Area Transit trip planner
    Milwaukee County Trasnit System Official site
    Milwaukee Transit (unofficial site)
    Glossary of Transit Terms
    Federal Transit Administration Home Page
    Abstracts of FTA Planning and Research Projects (from CTAA)
    American Public Transit Association
    Transit Cooperative Research Program
    CTAA Community Transportation Association of America
    Canadian Urban Transit Association
    National Transit Institute
    Subway navigator
    Railroad, Subway and Tram Maps
    This Week in Passenger Transport
    Internet Transit Center
    Valley Transit - Appleton, Wisconsin
    Riderlink Home Page, Seattle
    Tri-Met Home Page, Portland, Ore
    San Francisco Bay Area Transit Information
    The Commuter Page, Arlington, Va Commuter Assistance Program
    New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority
    More NYC Transportation
    New York Smart Transit Web page
    North Carolina Transit Net
    Kenosha Trolley Project

    Railway and Bicycle Sites

    TGV page including Eurostar (channel tunnel)
    Welcome to Amtrak’s Station on the World Wide Web
    Amtrak Parody ... funny stuff
    Cyberspace World Railroad Home Page
    Grand Central Railway Station of Cyberspace
    Internet Railroad Directory
    Madison Bicycle page (with links to other bicycle pages)

    Motorcycle Safety infomation

    A complete guide to motorcycle safety

    Freeway Traffic Conditions, Highway sites

    Federal Highway Administration
    Washington State DOT Design manuals
    California State DOT Design manual
    Traffic signs home page
    Texas A&M list of real time traffic reports
    Milwaukee Freeway Congestion Map
    Milwaukee freeway travel times
    Camera views of Milwaukee freeways (live images)
    Federal Highway Administration
    FHWA Office of Technology Applications Highway Technet
    CalTrans Highway Design Manual
    The difinitive list of real time traffic maps
    Strategic Highway Research Program
    Chicago Area
    Metrocommute (Long Island)
    Milwaukee area Monitor system
    Wisconsin Winter Road Conditions
    Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Transportation Information Center
    World Highway Interchange Network
    The WWW Speedtrap Registry

    New Technologies

    Innovative Transportation Technologies
    National Station Car Association
    ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Online
    ITS America
    ITS Benefits Database and Unit Cost Database
    High Speed Ground Transportation
    Mitre Corp ITS Home Page

    Lists of Lists, Search tools

    TRB Publications Search
    WebCrawler Searching
    Lycos, Inc. Home Page
    My Virtual Reference Desk - Graphics Version