UWM Computer Aided Instruction Courses in Transit Planning

"Who wants to be a Transit Planner?"

The CAI courses are a series of multiple choice questions that help you to learn basic terminology for transit planning as well as some principles of route location and demand estimates. It is very similar to the television game show "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" in that the questions get harder as you go on.
The courses were developed in 1989 by Alan Horowitz, Edward Beimborn, John Corbin and Helen Johnson of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The cai course is availible in a windows version in a zip file, click here to download it, (about 260K).

We would suggest that you put it in a separate directory and use a unzip program to get the files such as unzip.exe (the uncompressed version is about 500K total). The windows version is started with by running the file caitran.exe. It has a blue icon that looks like a capital letter T like this


An older DOS version is also availible, click here to download it (about 105K).

The dos version will create sub directories for each of the lessons. Once the files are unzipped, you can remove the pkunzip and run the programs under dos. To run the programs under dos, just type the word "menu" at the dos prompt

There are also some figures that may help with the lessons

It works especially well to go through the lessons with one or two other persons.

There are three lessons and you can choose them by typing menu at the dos prompt or by typing the lesson number i,e, 1, 2, or 3.

The lessons are

  • Transit Route relationships
  • Principles of Route Location and
  • Transit Ridership Forecasting
  • We realize that there may be some dispute about the answers.

    Good Luck

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